Digit Mania

Mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable by incorporating fun activities and games in the Math classes. To encourage power of reasoning and  imagination building in the students and to nurture creativity and spatial understanding, an Intra – Class Mathematics activity ‘Digit Mania’ was organized for the students of Classes III to V on Thursday, 20.7.17.

The students of Class III had ‘Fun with Shapes’ as they sorted out different geometrical shapes and used their fine motor skills and showcased their creativity by making different designs with two- dimensional shapes. The students of Class IV racked their brains to solve number puzzles and riddles based on mathematical concepts. The students of Class V used their thinking and problem- solving skill as they cracked the math problems. They also used their creative skills by making different shapes with 7 – piece Tangrams.

The activity gave students a wonderful opportunity to explore the subject from a different perspective and engage in hands-on learning. The objective of the activity was achieved as the students applied their problem – solving skills as they completed the assigned tasks and developed an appreciation for mathematical rigor and inquiry.

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