A session was conducted by Head Mistress Ms. Anjali Massey on the topic-How to control Name-calling and Teasing in classrooms for students of Classes- 2 and 3.

    Culmination Day , the journey of learning experiences of the academic year 2016-17 which was for the first time shared by the young learners from grades Nursery to II of DPS Bhankrota on 25th February. Parents had a wonderful experience when they saw their little bundle of joy perform with confidence on the stage. Our young Dipsites were so very enthused about their roles that they were speaking without having any paper in their hand. The activities showcased were the ‘Assembly Sessions’ by Grades Nursery and Prep, ‘Morning Session’ by Grade 1 and mind blowing ‘Enactments’ of the stories Cinderella and Clever Rabbit by the grade 2 students. It was mesmerizing to watch the young buds coming forward independently and expressing themselves on the stage. The performance reflected their confident and effective communication skills achieved throughout the year.All the students were applauded by Principal ma’am, Headmistress ma’am as well as the spectators present at the show.

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