The sun is hot and the water is cool.

It’s time for a summer party by the pool!


To give the feeling of fun and excitement to the students,Delhi Public School Jaipur organized ‘A Quick Dip - Beach Party’ in the school on Friday, 11 May 2018 for students of grade Nursery – 2. It brought in a lot of excitement and cheer to the students. This was the day for which tiny tots had been waiting for and eagerly looking forward to the merriment and excitement.The pre-primary wing was decorated with umbrellas,boards depicting the ocean world and sea animals to create a reallife beach.The children enjoyed this activity in their colourful swimming costumes.

Before jumping into the splash pool students had fruit juice by the sandpit area. They played fun games and created their own sand castles in the sand pit. Beach balls and sand tools added to the joy of their trip to the beach.

It was not just a fun activity rather had a learning outcome too. The students of classes Nur-II learnt a song ‘Deep Deep’ and watched a video related to underwater life. The students of classes Nursery and Prep made an art and craft hand out of fish and jelly fish respectively. Class I students made a word castle to enrich their vocabulary related to the beach. Class II students enriched their language by doing a creative writing on Scuba diver handouts.This activity was a perfect blend of fun, creativity and expression.

    On Thursday, 10th May 2018, a Talk show was organized by the I.T. Department during Z1& Z2 periods for the students of Classes III to V. The theme for the Talk show was “Cyber Safety Awareness”.

    The objective of the Talk show was to impart comprehensive knowledge about the ongoing cyber threats across the globe. To make the children aware that it is good to be Tech savvy but it is also equally important to be Cyber safe.

    The Talk show was conducted by Mr. Apoorv Dubey, senior faculty from the Computer department of D.P.S. who explained the pro and cons about the Internet. The Talk show made the children aware about the Internet ethics which included constructive usage of Internet and at the same time abide by the safety measures while surfing the net. It also laid special emphasis on the guidance of the elders to be taken while using the net, to approach an adult at home in case they come across anything uncomfortable on the net and also not to be overfriendly on social sites etc.

     The Talk show was made interesting by a PowerPoint presentation and entertaining animated movies on ‘Cyber Safety’to give the children a better understanding about the topic.

    The Talk show came to an end with an Open forum wherein they were given a chance to raise questions and clarify their doubts.

    The Headmistress Ma’am Anjali Massey showed deep concern about children being safe while using internet and shared views regarding the topic.


      tGELF Workshop

      DPS Jaipur hosted a three day participative, enlightening and informative workshop organized by tGELF (The Global Education and Leadership Foundation) from 2 May to 5 May 2018.

      An interactive session for grade XI and XII students was conducted by Ms Dinu Raheja.

      The teachers teaching grade 8, 9, 10, 11&12 underwent a two day training based on how to conduct the tgelf sessions in their classroom.

      Around 45-50 teachers participated in the various workshops conducted during these days. The participant schools included MSMSV, MGD Girls, Neerja Modi, The Palace School, JPHS and DPS Jaipur.
        DPS Jaipur organised 'Master Chef' activity for students of grades VI-VIII on the theme 'Picnic'. Students participated with great enthusiasm and prepared mouth watering delicacies. They were judged on the basis of preparation, taste, nutritional value, display etc. Ganga, Raavi and Jhelum house bagged the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
          A fun filled activity ' Shabdon Ka Sansar: Kahani Lekhan' was organized for the students of Class IV on Thursday, 3 May, 2018 to enhance Hindi vocabulary and hence creating interest for creative writing in young students.
          The students were supposed to construct a story with their imagination and with the hints provided. Children blended their creativity, imagination with their word power and made amazing stories.

            ‘’ A true hero is not measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart’’
            Superheroes just don’t exist in our stories, movies and novels. They are simply those people around us who are remembered by us for their act of honesty, courage and kindness. The world has given us many such Heroes who have touched our lives and made a lot of difference in our minds, thoughts and actions.
            To make the students aware of such heroes and sensitize them for the same, an Inter-Class Role Play activity ‘Our Superheroes’ was organized for the students of Class III on 3 May, 2018.
            The students very enthusiastically participated in the activity and also got a chance to know about the heroes who have brought about changes in this world by their sole efforts.

              Vocabulary is the basis for the development of any language.
              In continuation with the activity 'Word Power' which is being organized by DPS Jaipur for classes Nursery-II from 1 May 18 to 4 May 18. Today that is 2nd May 2018 students learnt the sorting of alphabet, short vowel sound words and long vowel sound words in Nursery & Prep, Class 1 & 2 respectively. Students enjoyed doing the sorting in flower buckets and through vowel coins worksheet.
              The activity turned to be a fabulous one and helped in enhancing vocabulary.

                To strengthen the English language, enhance the English vocabulary and hence creating interest for the language in little students of classes Nursery-II, DPS Jaipur is organizing a week long activity 'Word Power' from 1May, 2018- 4 May 2018. Today, on day 1 a story telling session was conducted in all the classes. The students thoroughly enjoyed the stories and learnt many new words through this fun way method. They drew and coloured their favourite characters and noted down new words learnt in the worksheet designed for them. A word bank was given in previous week to the students of classes 1 & 2 which is being reinforced by the teachers everyday in the classroom. 
                Children are very much excited about the Vocabulary Jar kept in all the classes and will be a regular feature of learning now onwards.

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                  "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.~ Lao Tzu "