An Talk Show was conducted with class X students on 19.7.2019 on the topic “ Our School Lives”. The activity was a part of ISA and was conducted to develop speaking skills among the students. The activity left an effective and positive impact on students and teachers involved.

    ·   Delhi Public School, Jaipur organized a workshop ‘Celebrating Dyslexia'. The theme of the workshop was ‘Effective Strategies to Maximize Handwriting Skill for Dyslexic Individuals’.

    ·         The workshop was attended by 26 Pre – Primary school teachers.

    ·         It was conducted with the purpose of enhancing the handwriting skills of students with dyslexia.

    ·     Various strategies and techniques were demonstrated to identify a child with dyslexia and different methods were also discussed to help them improve their handwriting.

    ·       The methods to develop fine and gross motor skills were also explained in a very simplified way.

    ·        Various activities such as newspaper crunching, finger isolation, coin palming were performed by the teachers enthusiastically. 

    The workshop was enriching and will be helpful for teachers in their teaching practices.
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