“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”
To carry forward the tradition of storytelling,  'Aphorism: Telling a tale using proverbs' activity was organised for Class IV on July 25, 2019 at DPS, Jaipur. The activity was conducted in respective classrooms. The students in each class were divided into three groups and each group was given a tale based on a proverb. Every group presented the given story in their own creative way adding a unique flavor to the original plot. All the groups were able to capture, direct and sustain the attention of their friends and teachers in class.The stories indeed transported the listeners to a different world. 
As the stories were based on proverbs the children also learned about different and important  values while expanding their vocabulary as they presented their play.
The age old art of storytelling was indeed enjoyed by one and all.
    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
    At DPS Jaipur, we present our children with ample opportunities to express themselves. 'Brimming Creativity: Let the fun begin!' , an Art and Craft activity for the students of classes III and V was organised on July 25, 2019 in their respective classrooms. The children used coloured sheets and glue to prepare colorful collages. They used their fine motor skills and explored their creativity as they carried out the tear and paste activity. Their bubbling enthusiasm and the smiles on their faces as they displayed their creations was a sight to behold. 

      PowerPoint Presentation activity on OUR SCHOOL LIFE where they learnt about the education system of different countries especially France & India.

      The purpose of the activity was to imbibe the habit of researching and gaining a global knowledge on education. There were six groups and they devised methods to drive the activity to the end to show effective pedagogy through their presentation. The various countries that were researched on were France, USA, Russia, Japan, Finland, Israel, China and their very own country India. The students voiced about their learnings on various countries’ education system and the information that they received from their pen pals from France helped them in procuring abundance of knowledge about their effective pedagogy and almost everyone agreed to incorporate quite a few of those techniques to enhance our own system.

      The activity was a gateway for our students to learning and enlightened them. This activity not only gave an equal footage to every child participated but also boosted their confidence and spirit of independence. Students learnt to contribute, manage and organize, individually as well as in a team. It sparked their innate skill of leadership, responsibility, innovation and creativity. It provided a golden opportunity to promote original thinking and skilful implementation.



        On the occasion of B.R Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary we at DPS Atal Tinkering Lab celebrated ATL Community Day by fostering an environment of innovation and creativity in young minds . We invited 6 Schools over , which are as follows :

        ·         Prince International

        ·         Brightlands Girls Sr. Sec. School

        ·         Indo Bharat International School

        ·         My Own School

        ·         S.B.I.O.A Public School

        ·         Janta Girls Public School

        Apart from these schools Shiksha Kendra and DPS Vidhyadharnagar as well were a part of the celebrations. So, DPS Jaipur Atal Tinkering lab was a host to 150 students from different Schools. Our Guest of Honour was Dr. R. P Gupta retired from CEERI, Pilani (National lab of CSIR) after 36 years R & D Electronics as Director Scientist. The program kick started after lamp lighting and shlok chanting. Followed by which was an inspiring speech by our Guest of Honor on Ideation.


        A 40 minute training session was organized to introduce students to the basics of electronics. The total strength was divided into 10 at a table and were provided with boxes that comprised of

        ·         Solderless Breadboard

        ·         9 v Battery

        ·         Buzzer

        ·         LED

        ·         Battery Cap

        ·         IR Sensor

        ·         Jumper wires

        Considering the fact that these were non ATL/ non Robotics Schools, the training was done from a very basic level explaining all the components and how to use them correctly. Concepts of Circuits were also introduced.The excitement on children’s faces after successful completion of the circuits was a treat to the eyes.

        Followed by the training session was a snacks break.

        After which was the Prototyping session, Judge to which were Dr. R. P Gupta. In this Prototyping Session we challenged the participating Schools to find out one problem that the society is facing and come up with a possible solution to that problem. The theme was “Innovation for sustainable development of India”. And it was nothing but amazing to see children work with zest and zeal and coming up with brilliant innovations to the prevalent problems in the surroundings. Different Schools came up with different problems and unique in their own way solutions. Some came up with solutions to the problem of Garbage disposal and some pondered on the problem of increasing pollution. Time limit for prototyping was 20 minutes.The winner to this competition was Brightlands Girls Sr. Sec. School. The rest of schools were felicitated with Participation Certificates. On this note the ceremony came to an end and the Schools departed with a promise that they will be paying regular visits to our ATL.

        Happy Tinkering.

          A brainstorming session on the differences and similarities between the French
          schooling system and the Indian schooling system was organized for students of
          Grade IX with the aim to inculcate a habit of research.
          The students were divided into groups of five, and each group pooled their research to
          create a comprehensive list of similarities and differences between the Indian and
          French educational systems. Each group designed a poster listing their views.
          Each group came to the front of the class and voiced out the aspects of the French
          educational system they found the most interesting. All groups agreed that the focus
          on vocational studies in France was very important and something they wished would
          be adopted by the Indian schooling system as well.
          This activity left the students with a great sense of understanding of how activities
          they take part in everyday, can be undertaken in a very different manner in
          different parts of the world.
            Inter house Robot Model Making Competition was organised for Grades IX & X on 12 July, 2019. 
            Students conducted a detailed research on robots that are currently being used in military by countries like Russia and US.
            Followed by which they prepared presentations on the kinds of robots and their functions.After research students prepared presentations and  designed a surveillance robot to aid military in its defence efforts which they presented to their classmates and Judges. 

              DPS Jaipur organized a Yoga and Meditation Session for students of Grades III to V.

              The yoga instructor Ms Anju Khanna taught the students a series of simple but effective warm up poses, yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques that are beneficial for the well being of the body, mind and soul.

              All the exercises were based on animal and nature poses such as mountain pose, table top pose, tree pose, rock pose, butterfly pose, tortoise pose and many more . The students thoroughly enjoyed performing these exercises . The yoga session was followed by meditation session for the students to enhance their concentration and focusing powers so that they are able to achieve deep relaxation and internalized attention.

                Inter House PowerPoint Competition on 'Indian Heritage'
                Inter House PowerPoint presentation was organized in the IT lab and the topic was Indian Heritage.
                Two students from each house from classes VI to VIII made a PowerPoint presentation on various Indian monuments.
                The judge for the event was Ms. Nivedita Sharma.
                1 - Ganga House (19 points)
                2 - Raavi House (18.5 points)
                3 - Jhelum (15 points)
                4 - Yamuna House and Chenab House (14 points)
                5 - Satluj House (13.5)

                  Fun Races

                  ·         ‘Run for Good Health’ (Fun Races) were organized for students to teach them that exercise and games are also important to stay healthy.

                  ·         After the races the students were given badges as appreciation for having participated wholeheartedly. 

                  ·         On the last day of the week Friday, July, 5, 2019 the activity was culminated by showing a video related to the importance and the correct way of washing hands.

                  ·         It was then followed by a worksheet and a creative hand out was made by the students.

                  ·         Before the lunch break students were taken to the washroom to wash their hands as they had been taught for, we at DPS believe that learning by doing is the best way to learn. 

                  ·         The activity proved to be successful in fulfilling its aim of teaching that ‘Health is Wealth’ to the young Dipsites.

                    Health is Wealth’

                    ·         DPS Jaipur organized a week - long activity named ‘Health is Wealth’ for the students of classes Nursery - II to make them aware of why it is important to stay healthy and more importantly how to stay healthy.

                    ·         It focused on different aspects of good health like healthy eating, staying fit and the correct way of washing hands.

                    ·         A healthy menu was planned for the students which were brought by them in their lunch box during this week.

                    ·         A story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ was enacted by the teachers to make the students aware of the importance of healthy food. 

                    ·         Children enjoyed the act especially as it was enacted by their teachers and also 
                    learnt the moral of the story.


                      Inter House Chess Tournament


                      ·         Inter House Chess Tournament 2019-20 for Grades III - V.

                      ·         House Positions:
                      1. Ganga
                      2. Jhelum
                      3. Raavi

                        Be A Buddy Not A Bully


                        ·         The phase II of the activity Be a Buddy Not a Bully was organized for the students of grades VI-VIII.

                        ·         The motive of the activity was to encourage students to stay away from bullying classmates and other children.

                        ·          All the students participated in the activity enthusiastically which was followed by creating a drawing with a curved line.

                        ·         The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

                        ·         They came up with innovative ideas and imagination.

                        ·         The activity also created a mood of compassion and friendliness among the students.

                        ·         This activity enhanced their spoken skills as well they came up with originality of thoughts.

                          Inter House Hindi Debate Competition


                          ·         An Inter house Hindi debate competition was held for the students of Grades IX-X.

                          ·         The topic for the debate was 'Abhivyakti ki swatantrata par lagam se loktantra ki bhavna aahat hoti hai' .

                          ·         The students participated enthusiastically and Chenab House secured First and Satluj got the second position.

                          ·         The Headmaster Mr. Ravi Dutt and Headmistress Ms. Aradhana kaul attended the programme.

                            The final result of inter-House Badminton Tournament-2019-20
                            Girls-6 to 12

                              Our School Lives

                              Art plays a major role in the life of a student. It is a means of effecting and promoting education. It gives them an ability to see things from a new perspective, crossing the borders of ignorance and artificial conventions, giving shape and forms to inappropriate things, becoming familiar with the persisting problems dominating the modern world and finally understanding the meaning of life.

                               A poster designing activity was organized in the school on the theme “Our School Lives”. Students of grades IX to XII enthusiastically took part in it and painted their school experiences and memories on paper. 

                              Different mediums of art like poster colors sketch pens and water colors were used to depict images of what makes the school their favorite place of learning, making friends, having fun and nurturing lifelong relationships.

                              When the posters were displayed it gave an insight into the fun memories of students which they paint in everyday routine. 

                                Audio On
                                "There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.~Brooke Medicine Eagle "