A healthy mind does not speak ill of others. A school is a bully free zone and it is necessary for a student to know whom to go to when he/she faces bullying of any kind. To make the students aware of the dangers of bullying and making them learn how to deal with it, an anti- bullying session was organized on Thursday, 23 September 2019 at Delhi Public School, Jaipur for the students of grades III-V.
The session was conducted by the school counselor Ms Shivangi Saxena. She imparted insights to the students on the sensitive topic and helped them understand the nature and types of bullying. Through videos and PowerPoint presentation, the students were able to understand the ill-effects of bullying and were able to realize that they should not be a party to it.
Such sessions on sensitive subjects are the need of the hour as they create awareness in the children about their problems and also arm them with the ways and means to wade through such situations.

    As a part of the ISA Project under the aegis of the British Council, the Preprimary department of  Delhi Public School, Jaipur hosted ISA Cultural Fiesta – ‘Festivals – The Colours of Life’ on Saturday, September 21, 2019.
    Through this fiesta, the students of the preprimary wing culminated their learning outcomes of the ISA Project in the form of a dance drama.
    The heads of various eminent preprimary schools of Jaipur joined the show and praised the performances of the students.
    The event started with the felicitation of the guests, traditional lamp lighting ceremony followed by the Principal’s Welcome Address to the parents and the guests.
    The famous characters of Arabian Nights , Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine and Abu weaved the story and took the audiences to the world of festivals.
    The dance drama included an ‘Easter Bunny Dance’ by the students of classes Nursery and Prep, 
    ‘Duga Pooja’ dance by the students of class I and  ‘Arabic Dance’ by Class II students.
    The dance drama also had the element of music melody in the form of  ‘Halloween song’ and ‘World Song’ sung by students of classes I and II.
    The PowerPoint presentation on the ISA Project Theme and on the school’s achievements added to the beauty of the show.
    The audiences were spellbound by the décor, costumes and the dance drama presentation.
    The parents greatly appreciated efforts of the students and the teachers for putting up a wonderful show.
    The children participated enthusiastically and learned a lot through the activity.

        Karnav Meena of XI B (Hum) won three Gold medals in the District Education Swimming Tournament and qualified for Rajasthan State Swimming Championship. 

         Events were: 50 Mt. Butterfly stroke- Gold.

         100 Mt Butterfly stroke - Gold.

         100 Mt. Freestyle - Gold.

          A Teacher' Day Special Assembly was conducted by the students of classes Nursery - V.

          The assembly began with the school prayer followed by thought and its explanation expressing the significance of teachers in a student’s life. 

          A poem highlighting the importance of teachers was recited by the students of Grades I and II. 

          A hindi speech was also presented by the students of Grades III - V on the life of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan followed by a beautiful Guru Vandana dance by the students of Grades III - V.

          The assembly came to an end by showing the children a candid video of their teachers performing various tasks for their students. 

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