·         An Inter House GK Quiz was organized for the students of Grades VI, VII and VIII at the MPH in Z1 and Z2 periods.

·         The Quiz was divided into four rounds and all six houses participated and performed well. Three participants represented each house.


·         Quiz Result

 1st Position      -    Ganga House      (44 points)

2nd Position   -     Jhelum House      (42 points)

3rd Position    -     Raavi House        (41 points)

4th Position     -    Chenab House   (34 points)

5th Position     -    Yamuna House   (33 points)

6th Position     -    Satluj House         (21 points)

    ‘Artistic Creations- Origami Craft’ activity was organized for the students of classes IV and V on Thursday, May 2, 2019. Children participated in this creative venture with great zeal and in high spirits. Class IV students made a collage of colourful flowers and class V students made an underwater scene using the art of origami.
      A Poem Recitation Competition was organised for the students of class III on Thursday, May 2, 2019. This competition was conducted to expand students experience and exposure to poetry. The theme for the same was ‘The Dignity of Labour’. The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and it was heart-warming to see amazing performances, which were a result of hours of practice.
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