Humour is the most effective and important ingredient, to spice up the dish of life!
Humour is the most effective and important ingredient, to spice up the dish of life!
Poetry came alive at the Hansi ke Bulbule: Poetic Summit organised for Class V in the Conference Hall. It was an Inter- Class poetry recitation competition. Each class had two groups. The energy of the participants made the audience sit up and enjoy a good laugh as the theme of the poems was humour. The students displayed perfect coordination and  voice modulation as they aligned these to the rhythm in the poetry. Their gestures and facial expressions instantly connected them to the audience. An additional bonus of this activity was that the participants gained confidence in public speaking skills.

    Computers provide new ways to think about things and explore learning by doing.
    Computers have revolutionized the way children learn and access to computers has become a basic need in the education world. At DPS Jaipur, the students use Information Technology so that learning becomes an  enjoyable and creative experience.
    A computer based activity 'Magazine Front: Microsoft Word' was organised for the students of Class IV. The students were first briefed about various global organisations associated with charity such as CARE, Oxfam, Save the Children, UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO. After a discussion with their classmates they were given the task to design a Word Cover Page on any one of the organisations using their creativity and technical knowledge. This activity gave them the confidence to expand their knowledge and filled them with a sense of empowerment as they created something of their own.

      Class III: Trailblazers: Math in Our Surroundings
      "Why do children dread mathematics? Because of the wrong approach. Because it is looked at as a subject." - Shakuntala Devi.
      At DPS Jaipur, we have the right approach in teaching Math by ensuring that students know how Math applies to everyday life. Students understand that there is a purpose in what they are learning. 
      To encourage the Class III students to see the numbers all around them, Math activity 'Trailblazers: Math in Our Surroundings' was organised. The students learnt Math beyond the four walls of the classroom as they explored the School Cafe- 'Tuck inn' and the 'Snakes and Ladders' with a new perspective. They were filled with excitement and enthusiasm as they went around these areas counting and measuring and filling up the given worksheet. 
      This activity was an endeavour to raise a next generation that thinks 'Math is cool!'

        Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

        The Stem exhibition organized on 17 Aug’2019 for students of III to X, focused on ingraining a scientific and a creative attitude in our young students to make them comprehend the interdependence of science and technology by hands on experience.

        Teachers encourage minds to think and hands to create. Numerous mathematical fantasies were displayed such as geo robot, pentagon city, Pythagoras theorem, division algorithm, warli painting badges and diverse range of board games.

        One of the most talked about technologies today is IOT. We’re headed to a world where doors unlock automatically sensing us around. Stem Projects this year focused on IOT, the rapidly growing technology. We witnessed a variety of projects ranging from Smart Home to smart dustbin to high tech security, LED Stumps and what not. Brightlands Girls School was also a part of the exhibition and put up two innovative models. Apart from IOT Based projects We displayed a variety of Arduino based innovative models.

        The exhibition sought to engage students and teachers to synergize experiences and design something novel. It showcased learning beyond text books. The participants were ranging from classes III to X. The exhibition gave the students right exposure and confidence. It provided a platform for the students to exhibit their talent and come out with their innovative ideas.

        The exhibition was inaugurated by chief guest Dr. Jagdev Singh Rathore and Mr. Yogesh Bhatnagar, our esteemed Principal Sangeeta Kain ma’am, Head Master Mr. Ravi Dutt, Head Mistress Ms. Aradhana Kaul and was witnessed by all the teachers and parents.

        The Principal, Ma’am Sangeeta Kain encouraged the students and appreciated them.

        The exhibition promoted the concept of research, development and creativity.

          One of the most talked about technologies today is IOT.We're headed to a world where doors unlock automatically sensing us around. Keeping this in mind we organized an Inter house competition on Internet of Things for grades VI - VIII, where students made their innovative versions of IOT and prepared presentations. Students then presented their models to their judges and students from Shiksha Kendra. We witnessed a variety of projects from smart dust bin to smart homes to high tech security. 
            Date: 1 August 2019
            A talk show on “Organ Donation” was conducted on August 1, 2019 for grades 3 to 5.
            Young minds are like sponges and they are looking for the right input to soak it in. Our eminent speaker Dr. Mandira Gupta MBBS MD provided a right platform for many inquisitive minds.
            Dr. Mandira Gupta related the talk with the Tree of Life who keeps on passing the sweet fruit to many generations. Connections were made across nature by showing videos on the topic. Each and everyone has the ability to change someone’s life by bringing a hue of colours in their lives. Our guest speaker spoke on The Gift of Life where many people can be gifted new lives by donating blood to those in need. She fully addressed the myths and misunderstandings regarding organ and tissue donation.
            Headmistress Ms. Aradhana Kaul encouraged students to share the knowledge they gained with family, friends and other relatives.
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              "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~ Yiddish Proverb "