Students of Delhi Public School, jaipur undertook the ISA project in collaboration with institution Saint- Joseph Du Moncel; a renowned school of France.The activity aimed at students of age group 13-15 years and around 300 students participated in it. Using technology as  a powerful tool, students researched on diverse academic structures across the globe and designed a Powerpoint Presentation on the same. Alongside the students did an extensive research in the school library and explored the relevant content from the books and journals available. Research done online and offline through various blog posts, journals and other books gave them a global perspective that education and learning may differ from nation to nation but it always is  a source of empowerment and fun filled memories. 

    ·         Avalokit Singh of Grade VII A is selected for Indian Junior Squash team to represent India in the upcoming 26th Junior Asian Squash championship in Macau (China) from 26th to 30th June 2019.

      Today 17 students of the United States visited Delhi Public School Jaipur as a part of the cultural exchange programme and an initiative to have the first-hand view of Indian school education system.
        Ayesha  Lohar and Khush Batra stood  1st and 2nd position in an inter-school painting competition organized by Ministry of road transport and highway and Cuts international.

           International Cultural Exchange Programme with European countries

          ·         A delegation of 36 students from Delhi Public School Jaipur has went to Europe to promote and perform Rajasthani Folk Music & Dances in Schools and Institutions of Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland 

          ·         Principal Ms. Sangeeta Kain said that the exceptional Indian art forms especially those from Rajasthan need to be popularized at the school level.

          ·         Students in the west must be exposed to the beauty and intricacies of our culture and art for them to truly understand and appreciate our great motherland. 

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            "There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.~Brooke Medicine Eagle "